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Making wishes come true

Established in 2006, The Community Wish Foundation (CWF) was formed as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization to strengthen the communities of Butte, Glenn, Tehama, and Colusa counties. CWF gives grants or "wishes" in the following focus areas: Education, Youth, Seniors, Environment, and the Community. Additionally, through a special program, scholarships are awarded once a year through the Medical Training Scholarship Program.

Grants are given on the "Pay It Forward" concept which is a way of maximizing the impact of the grant within the community. What this means is that when a "wish" is granted, the recipient must fulfill their "pay it forward" obligation by performing a service or lending a hand to address another need in the community. Everyone has a gift or talent to pass on and it is this process that allows communities to shine and truly make wishes come true! 

To apply for a wish and strengthen your community, click on "APPLICATIONS" and submit the form according to the instructions.  

To financially support the Community Wish Foundation, thus  enabling more wishes to come true, click on "DONATE." 

To witness the power of wishes and get actively involved in the Community Wish Foundation, click on "GET INVOLVED."

To see a few examples of where and how the Community Wish Foundation has worked in the community, click on "PHOTO GALLERY."

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