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The Community Wish Foundation (CWF) supports Butte, Glenn, Tehama, and Colusa counties, giving grants or "wishes" throughout the year in the following areas: Education, Youth, Seniors, Environment, and the Community. Scholarships are also awarded every August through the Medical Training Scholarship Program to students residing in Glenn County.

To further the impact of an award that is given through all of the programs, the Community Wish Foundation is based on a pay-it-forward concept, requesting that the recipient of a grant or scholarship does something to "pay it forward." For example, if the local high school band was given a grant to purchase needed instruments, they might have agreed as a condition of their grant to play a mini-concert for the senior center, go to a local school to play for a student assembly, or maybe tackle a major clean up project that desperately needed attention in the community. Depending on the agreed-upon pay-it-forward commitment, it might mean a lengthy time involvement or could be as simple as a one time event.  



Applying for a "wish" is as easy as filling out a simple form that can be found by clicking on "APPLICATIONS" above. A hard copy can also be requested through a Community Wish Board member (see list below) or downloaded and printed from this site. If you would like to discuss your application or need guidance with your "pay it forward," please do not hesitate to contact one of the volunteers on the Board. Grant applications and scholarship applications are reviewed by the Foundation Board and awarded on merit, creativity, and community impact.

We want every community to shine and are anxious to help you be a part of it!



Board of Directors

Our volunteer board of directors would like to thank you for your time and look forward to your positive impact to the community. Our directors include:

  • RaeAnn Titus    (530) 570-2750

  • Ben Titus          (530) 517-2172

  • Sam Taylor       (530) 613-5760

  • Sandie Hobbs    (530) 517-0025

  • Beverly Long     (530) 968-5131

  • Kathy Morrison  (530) 919-3930

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