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Volunteers add to the richness of a community. Community Wish often needs volunteers to help in successfully implementing a fund raising event. There are always several jobs to be done and they might range from helping to set up the venue for a fund-raiser, working throughout the day in various positions, or showing up at the end for the clean up.

Active Board members are also needed. How much time can you give and what are your interests? We would love to have you join us!

Contact a Board member to discuss your interests. Click on "About Us" for a list of Board members or click on the "Volunteer Application" button below to tell us your interests.

Volunteering for community events is a wonderful way for students to have a story to tell on college applications. No matter how little time you have, The Community Wish Foundation would be pleased to include you in our activities and give us an "extra hand."

Do you have an interest in community philanthropy? Do you have time to commit to being a student advisor on the Board? Let us hear from you so we can discuss your interests! Click on the "Volunteer Application" button below to tell us your interests or contact a Board member if you have questions. Click on "About Us" for a list of Board members.



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